Welcome to your Sweet’s Dream Kitchen were customers can purchase a variety of homemade food.

Sweet’s Dream Kitchen traveling throughout the metropolitan area, selling desserts mainly pies advertising through Trotter Recipes, LLC website.


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Trotter’s Recipes started at age 6 with my grandma Ida Johnson, she placed a phone book in the chair opened up a fresh jar of peaches and told me to place six tablespoons of lemon juice in bowl with the peaches. Next we opened a bag of sugar 1 1/2 cups or so poured it over the peaches, add white vanilla, 1 stick of butter and don’t forget the cinnamon then let it sit. Next we created a homemade crust from scratch. Once in the oven the kitchen started smelling heavenly every since then it stayed with me for life. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri this where I started and will probably always live. I am called the “Peach Cobbler Lady” selling over 400 to 500 homemade pies a year. Keep checking the website for new additions.


Welcome to Trotter’s Recipes home of heavenly pies. My dream is to keep adding new recipes monthly until you have a delicious Dessert collection. Have you always dreamed of creating 30 to 40 minute recipes that make one go “YUM-YUM”. I take my time creating and tasting desserts that are very economical to make. Always keep on hand flour, sugar, white vanilla, peaches and apples in the can just adding lemon juice brings out the natural flavor. Go ahead if you dare click on “RECIPES” tab try it out “YOU” will love it.


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Sweet’s Dream Kitchen located in Raytown, Missouri inside a mobile Food Truck venturing around the city to serve the greater metropolitan area. Contact: JoAnn Trotter at joanntrotter@trotterrecipes.com for more information.